winmdcd - a software-based mdc-1200 decoder via soundcard input

WinMDCD v1.0 Alpha

My town police recently started using Motorola MDC-1200 for ANI (Automatic Numerical Identifiers). This sounds like a "chirp" at the beginning or end of a transmission. While scouring the Internet for information, I happened upon the Batlabs Forum, and found Matthew Kaufman's MDC-1200 Libraries. Using these libraries in Linux was a sinch. Windows, however, was slightly more difficult. WinMDCD is a Windows MDC Decoder. An encoder is not publically available, so please do not ask. The decoder will decode all single-packet op codes and arguments. Descriptions for known op/arg combinations are built in. If you know any that are not included, feel free to send them to me or post in the forum. This software uses the sound card input from the headphone jack of the scanner. A data slicer is not needed. A discriminator tap is also not needed, but would probably increase the level of detection. This application is released under the terms of the GNU public license. In accordance with GPL (3)(b), the source code is available upon special request. If you plan to use this software in a commercial environment, please contact me for special information.


  • Date, time, op, arg, id, and description display
  • Optional auto-scrolling
  • Optional logging

Coming soon:

  • Decode WAV files
  • Automatic new log files
  • DDE for application data sharing

Windows 98 or higher, DirectX 9, sound card

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